KALUOKA´HINA – The Enchanted Reef

KALUOKA´HINA - The Enchanted Reef


Uniting an intriguing plot about an endangered reef together with lovable and quirky characters, as well as an environmental cause, KALUOKA´HINA - The Enchanted Reef is an instructive adventure, packed with humor, sprinkled with conservationism, as well as educational flavor: a treat for the entire family.

The vastness of our planet's oceans holds unimaginable secrets. One of its most precious is Kaluoka'hina, the enchanted reef, whose magic protects it from being discovered by humans. Kaluoka'hina's colorful inhabitants have thus always lived in peace... until the volcano erupts and the spell is broken. Now it's up to the young sawfish Jake and his paranoid pal Shorty to restore the magic of Kaluoka'hina. Their only lead: the ancient legend that tells of touching the moon. But how is a fish supposed to touch the moon? This is just one of the intriguing puzzles that Jake and Shorty have to solve on their most exciting adventure ever: the quest to save their beloved reef.

An endangered reef...  a lunar riddle... two fish on a mission!


Available Language Versions: Arabic, Cantonese, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish

We provide dubbing in any language upon request!



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Theme Education , Entertainment
Audience Pre-school, Children / Family, Adults
Producer Softmachine
Release October 2004
Running Time 33 mins
Format flat 2D, fulldome 2D, fulldome 3D, VR, 4K
Audio 5.1, Stereo, AC3