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About Reef Distribution

Who is REEF?


Reef is an innovative worldwide distribution company with over 20 years of sales experience, and a global network of customers including Show buyers and producers. We also have established long-term relationships with trustful sub-distributors.


Experts in Immersive Edutainment

As a leading boutique distributor of high-end 360° fulldome “Reef Original” productions and as a pioneer in the Distribution business of Fulldome Content Reef is representing many producers.

“We love shows which send out an impressive message and leave a positive effect on the audience while being entertaining at the same time. This is, what we call emotional edutainment. Our mission is to change the world through education, explains CEO, Dr. Peter Popp.

Our sister company, Softmachine Immersive Productions, produced the first narrative fulldome show worldwide: Kaluok`hina, the Enchanted Reef. Softmachine’s shows communicate positive values while raising awareness for ecology, sustainability, animal and human rights and an ethical economy. Reef and Softmachine strive to make a significant contribution to a sustainable future.


A successful beginning in 2004 to a great service for Buyers of Fulldome and Giant Screen Theaters today

Reef’s success started 2004 with the release of our first show, Kaluoka’hina: The Enchanted Reef. This Show has reached over 5 Million visitors and more than $2.5 Million in Net Royalties for an estimated Gross Box Office of $15 Million. Reef has executed over 1,300 licenses, including flat fee and royalty share business models, of approximately $45 Million Gross Box Office.

Reef is dedicated to cultivating mutually respectful relationships between its customers, business partners, and employees.

The experienced team and innovative technology of Reef distribute and deliver encrypted content through the Distribution Portal to Single Projector Domes and serves as an Information Tool and Resource for Film Buyers of Fulldome and Giant Screen Theaters. Approved Sub-Distributors can access the same pricing direct from Reef upon request for Quotes for specific Domes.

Let’s Work Together!

Contact us today for any of these services:


  • You want Reef to distribute your content worldwide or to a specific territory or format.
  • You want to license Reef Shows, and to also discuss your programming goals and content preferences so we can recommend the best Shows for your Theater’s needs.
  • You are a Distributor, and you want to sub-distribute our Shows (Limited to Shows for which we hold Exclusive Worldwide Distribution Rights).




Our Team


Dr. Peter Popp (CEO Reef Distribution)

Peter holds a PhD in Economics. After completion of a high-level management training at a German jet engine manufacturer he founded Germany’s first fulldome film production company Softmachine in 1989 and Reef Distribution in 2003.

Tina Ratterman (Head of Marketing & Distribution)

Tina has a bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky. Before founding BIG & Digital in 2009, she worked as Marketing and PR Director for the Kentucky Science Center (1997-2003) and Director of Distribution and Marketing for Giant Screen Films (2003-2009). Tina is based in Las Vegas, Nevada and is responsible for the international content acquisition, distribution, and marketing.

Uwe Lukatsch (Senior Technical Advisor)

Uwe first came into contact with fulldome-technology during his studies of “Digital Film Making”. His bachelor thesis was about stereoscopy in the dome. During and after his studies he worked on various projects for the film and TV industry, but his passion always remained 360° films. Since 2011 he is a permanent team member at Softmachine and supports Reef Distribution regarding technical matters.

Raúl Erdossy (Senior Creative Advisor)

Raúl is an ouside-the-box creative “madman” through and through. He has written, directed, edited and produced films, digital experiences and games that are entertaining and have also something to say. Since 2004, Raúl has often collaborated with Softmachine as a freelancer. As of 2020, he is a permanent team member. Raúl supports Reef Distribution with creative marketing concepts and their corresponding digital and/or analog execution.

Mario Betz (Designer and Media Technology Specialist)

Mario completed an apprenticeship as an audio engineer, a media designer digital/print and earned a bachelor’s degree in “Online Media” at the Furtwangen University of Applied Sciences and San Francisco State University. He worked in recording studios and for several internet agencies, including Digital-Advertising, Studio9 and Serviceplan.