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Psaroloco International Children’s & Young Peoples’s Film Festivals


The Psaroloco is a program of cinema screenings specially formed for children and teenagers, with selected films and group workshops, in which children create entirely their own short films (fiction, documentary, stop motion, etc.).
The aim of the festival is to encourage meaningful thought provoking films for children and showcase amazing works of Filmmakers from around the world. The short listed films compete for most coveted Audience choice Award.

Psaroloco’s aim is to familiarize the novice audience with the basic terms of the cinematic experience and to promote media literacy. The project promotes the enhancement of the critical thinking of children and the ability to deconstruct images. It prioritizes vulnerable groups of children and adolescents.

The films in two categories are accepted: short films (less than 40 minutes) and feature films (40 minutes or longer). The film(s) can be in any language. If the film(s) are in a language other than English, English subtitles are a must. It is preferred that your film(s) have Greece subtitles, but it is not mandatory.