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Beyond the Sun – In Search of a New Earth

A fulldome film in search of a new Earth: Celeste is a little girl who wants to explore the Universe, finding new Earths and knowing the methods to detect exoplanets.

Be a planet hunter!

CELESTE is fighting off sleep by reading a book on astronomy when, through her bedroom window, she receives a visit from MOON and his mischievous helpers.
Moon calls his helpers to order and then turns to Celeste to ask her if she likes to look at the sky. Celeste brags that she knows all the planets. The specks of light laugh and Moon clarifies to her that she knows all the planets that orbit one star, the Sun, but that there are many, many more stars in the universe.
“And those stars also have planets?” asks Celeste. “Exoplanets” corrects Moon, “that is what we call the planets that orbit other stars. Would you like to explore them?”
With the aid of his helpers, Moon leads Celeste on a journey through the universe to discover what an exoplanet is and how it can be detected. Together they observe rogue planets, oceanic worlds, and super-Earths. Moon tells her about exoplanet hunters, astrophysicists who, from different points on the planet, observe the sky in search of a planet like Earth.
“A new Earth!” Celeste is excited. “Out there” says Moon, “there may be a star like our Sun, and orbiting around it, at the same distance as the Earth, a planet that has oceans, jungles, and – who knows? – civilizations.”
Celeste is ready to go look for it right away, but Moon reminds her that she needs to get some rest first. Before she falls asleep, Celeste asks Moon if he will come back to visit her again.
“Do you like whales?” Moon asks the girl. “I love them!” responds Celeste, and she drops off to sleep.
Then we will see other again soon, promises Moon, before leaving with his helpers.

Produced by:
2nd Best Animated Film International Fulldome Festival
Festival Selection Film Festival
Festival Selection Film Festival
Festival Selection International Festival of Science Visualization
Best Narrative Dome Under Festival


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Render Area, Monigotes Estudio 2.0


Javier Bolain

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