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Alien & Caveboy – Travel to the Light

In this action comedy, the future meets the past when a spaceship crashes on Earth during the Stone Age. The spaceship’s pilot, named Alien, meets Uga and Bam, two Stone Age siblings, who agree to help him fix his spaceship in exchange for a ride to see the sun.

Uga dreams of traveling into space. One night, a spaceship crashes to the ground. Uga and Bam investigate and meet Alien, a knowledgeable space creature. Alien teaches the siblings about the Sun and the solar system, but the lesson is interrupted when Uga accidentally wrecks the spaceship’s power source. Then a prehistoric creature swallows Alien!

Luckily, Uga and Bam come to the rescue. Impressed by the siblings’ resourcefulness, Alien asks them to help fix his spaceship. Uga and Bam agree, as long as they get a ride into space. The trio works together to repair Alien’s ship while Alien teaches the kids about the fascinating properties of energy and light that help his spaceship fly.

Once it’s repaired, Alien takes Uga and Bam aboard the spaceship for the ride of their lives! They’re thrilled to see Earth from space and to learn more about the Sun — but then a meteor shower damages the spacecraft’s heat shield and Alien is ejected into space. Can Uga and Bam save Alien once again, and themselves?

Alien & Caveboy: Travel to the Light is a fun, exciting adventure that will delight young audiences while teaching them about the science of light.


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