Asteroids and comets have collided with our planet throughout its history, changing the course of life on Earth and shaping the world we know today.

Incoming!, the latest original planetarium show from the California Academy of Sciences, explores the past, present, and future of our Solar System and the landmark discoveries scientists have made sending spacecrafts to visit tiny worlds. Cutting-edge visualizations will bring real-time data from current NASA missions to life while taking audiences on a ride through the dynamic story of our cosmic origins.

Along the way, audiences will discover what these impacts from above can teach us – and how scientific advances may allow us to find and track cosmic threats before they reach planet Earth.

Narrated by George Takei

Available languages: English

We provide dubbing in any language upon request!

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Theme Astronomy , Earth science
Audience Children / Family, Adults
Producer California Academy of Science
Release 2016
Running Time 25 Minutes
Format 4K