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Legend of the Enchanted Reef

An Endangered Ocean – Three Friends on a Mission – The Answer is in the Stars

The lively perciform Shorty, his smart sister Indigo and Jake, a daring sawfish, thrive in a bustling and colorful coral reef.

One day, out of nothing, an enormous trawl devastates their reef. Our three heroes survive this cataclysm only with great deal of luck. They are forced to leave their destroyed habitat and go on a search for a new and safe home.

Seeking shelter from divers and sharks in a coral- and algae-overgrown plane wreckage, they encounter the octopus Oana. The ancient kraken tells them of a mythical atoll, protected from humans and enclosed inside a sunken city – the enchanted reef.

Their quest for this enchanted reef takes the three friends on an adventurous journey, from the far depths of the oceans to the most distant moons. They meet exotic creatures, get caught in hazardous plastic patches and have to overcome their deepest fears.

“Legend of the Enchanted Reef” is an imaginative and humorous, as well as exciting and touching animated movie for the whole family: the quest of three lovable characters for a safe home reveals the moving beauty of the seas but also their endangerment through massive human impact. The story combines entertaining and educative elements into a sustainable message about the great importance of our oceans, raising awareness for the acuteness of marine conservation.