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IPS Conference and Festival .....CANCELED!.....


International Planetarium Society is the largest organization of planetarium professionals in the world. It consists of nearly 500 members from 50 countries around the world. IPS represents schools, colleges and universities, museums, and public facilities of all sizes, including both fixed and portable planetariums. The primary goal of the Society is to encourage the sharing of ideas among its members through conferences, publications, and networking. By sharing their insights and creative work.

IPS conferences are held on even-numbered years in venues at state-of-the-art facilities around the world and are superb events for IPS members to advance their professional planetarium knowledge and skills. IPS members, through their Affiliate Representatives, determine the sites of the Biennial Conferences. The trade show will be located at the Edmonton Convention Centre. Furthermore, several tours and culture programme are available besides the official conference schedule.

Planetarium 1 invites everyone to the IPS 2022 Conference which will take place in Saint-Petersburg. We are happy to provide a platform for helding an international event, where scientific society and other colleagues will have opportunity to present latest inventions.


  • Audience Award
  • Jury Best Film Award
  • Honourable Mention