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APLF Meeting


Since 1984, the French speaking Planetariums have decided to unite their skills, their diversity, their means; in collaboration with teachers and professional astronomers, they formed the Association des Planétariums de Langue Française (APLF) in 1989, within which they work together, with the support of the Ministry of Research and scientific institutions. The headquarters of the APLF are located at the Centre ‘La Belle Etoile’ in Epinal.

Created with the aim of strengthening the links between the world of the Planetariums and professional astronomers, and to develop the Planetariums by promoting meetings and exchanges, the APLF currently has 110 members. The annual meeting is a high point, rich in information and convivial moments of relaxation.

APLF’s mission is to develop the Planetariums in France and beyond, in order to deploy scientific knowledge to a wide public and especially to young people, while working in favour of artistic culture and the French-speaking world. The quality of the shows presented must be constantly improved, in order to effectively transmit up-to-date knowledge in the “natural sciences” of the Earth and the Universe, while contributing to the promotion of research in France.