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Watermelon Magic

The Science of Growing. A story of sharing.

This film is like no other film. It’s a sweet combination of story and science and the first Giant Screen film devoted one of our most basic human needs: healthy food. International audiences will delight in this nearly wordless burst of color and music. Weaving together documentary and narrative elements, Watermelon Magic chronicles a season on the family farm, as young Sylvie grows a patch of watermelons to sell at market.

Watermelon Magic is a lovable and tender story of a farmer’s daughter who believes she has magical powers. When Sylvie’s wand breaks, her mother comforts her by planting a tray of Sylvie’s own watermelon seeds for the young girl to nurture. The plants ‘magically’ grow from seed-to-flower-to-fruit. Time-lapse sequences bring the garden to life on the Giant Screen. Through humor and drama, audiences experience the challenges and rewards of growing food, and the shared community of plants, soil, nature and people that make up a small farm. This enchanting film tells a story of what is truly magical in our lives.

The film effortlessly illustrates elementary scientific concepts centered on the benefits of growing your own food starting with a few seeds in the backyard. This compelling and fun documentary employs a unique style filmmakers created by assembling high-resolution digital still images with a combination of time-lapse, shutter-burst, and freeze frame techniques which set a rhythm and pace more akin to an animated film than traditional live-action.



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