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The Life of Trees – The Adventures of Dolores and Mike

THE LIFE OF TREES is an entertaining and educational fulldome experience on the fascinating world of trees. It shows the importance of plants for every life on earth, how trees grow, how they transport water against the pull of gravity to the top of their crown, and enable diverse life on earth by producing oxygen.

Did you know that water can flow against gravity?

A cheeky ladybug called DOLORES and a quirky firefly called MIKE take the audience on an adventurous journey of exploration into the wondrous world of trees. Taking the perspective of insects, the fulldome film reveals the magic of the microcosm. On their excursion these two creepy-crawlies zip around a tree, and in doing so, playfully learn its secrets: How do plants get their food from the sun? How do they grow? How does water get from the roots to the top of the crown? And how does all this make life on our earth possible?
The characters and settings have been chosen with the idea of using the full dome format in a fascinating visual way that perfectly supports the educational aspect of the show.


The show exists in two versions:

  • 33 minutes
  • for the 25 minutes version, please click here

Produced by:
Honorable Mention Fulldome Festival
Spatial Sound Recognition Award Jena
Best Visuals and Graphics Fulldome Film Festival
Golden Star Award IPMF
Best Fulldome Show 2nd Place Russian Fulldome Festival
Science, Art and Culture Award Russian Fulldome Festival


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Production Company

Softmachine Immersive Productions

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