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We will travel trough space and time. During this amazing journey we will experience three levels of reality:
– Life as pure experience
– Life as a biological activity
– Life as an intrinsic element of the universe´s evolution

Where do you come from, really?

“For in fact what is mankind in nature? A nothing in comparison with the infinite, an all in comparison with the nothing, a mean between nothing and everything.”- Blaise Pascal

This fulldome show offers a new organic approach for an alternative communication path between science and the audience. It shows nothing else than the physical, palpable world we live in. Throughout the show the audience will be able to take part in the history of the Cosmos and life on Earth. A philosophical journey through different landscapes of our world, including the human mind is awaiting the viewers.

The fulldome show is truly special: it was produced without using the ordinary 3D modeling or computer animations. It was filmed in the real world, the Cosmos and artificial cosmic objects in the studio with the help of chemical reactions and light effects.

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Borkel-Art Pro


Lucas Borkel

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