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Legend of the Enchanted Reef

When their home reef is destroyed by a fishing trawler, three fish set out on a quest across the polluted ocean to find the “Enchanted Reef” – a mythical underwater heaven free from humans.

An Endangered Ocean - Three Friends on a Mission - The Answer is in the Stars ...

The clumsy and energetic reef fish Shorty, his smart sister Indigo and Jake, a daring sawfish, live in a colorful coral reef. When an enormous trawl devastates their reef, the three friends have no choice but to set out on a dangerous journey to find a new home.

The trio’s adventurous quest takes them from inhospitable ocean depths to distant moons in our solar system. They meet exotic creatures, get caught in hazardous plastic bags and confront their most dreaded fears.

“Shorty and the Legend of the Enchanted Reef” is a film full of humor and imagination for the whole family. The story combines entertainment with educational elements to convey a clear message about the great importance that our oceans have for our planet and ourselves. In the end, the movie raises awareness for the acuteness of marine conservation.

Produced by:
Best Full Feature Film The First Best Of Earth Fulldome Competition
Worldwide Event
Best Narrative Film Dome Fest West Film Festival
United States
Best Animated Fulldome Film Fulldome Festival Minsk
CINEMARE FULLDOME AWARD 6th Int‘l Ocean Film Festival Kiel


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Technical Specifications


Age 5 – 12, General Audience

Runtime (minutes)

26, 43


English, German

Image Format

2D, 3D


Environment, Underwater


2K, 4K


Animation, Education, Entertainment

Audio format

Dolby 5.1, Stereo


Animals, Climate, Ecology, Environment, Oceans, Sea, Underwater, Water

Frame Rate

30 fps

Release date


Aspect Ratio

1.4:3 DCI-Compliant DCP, 1.85 DCI-Compliant DCP, 360 FULLDOME


Production Company

Softmachine Immersive Productions


Peter Popp

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