The Life of Trees

The Life of Trees

The environmental fulldome film - a new kind of fulldome show. By following the concept of EDUTAINMENT, the plot interwines entertainment with education. Exciting and informative at the same time, this combination creates the best learning effect.

This fulldome show tells the fascinating world of trees. THE LIFE OF TREES shows the importance of plants for life on earth, how trees grow, how they transport water against gravity to the top of the crown, and enabled diverse life on earth by producing oxygen. The story is presented by two quirky animated characters: a ladybug called Dolores and a firefly called Mike.


„I have seen your shows "The Life of Trees" and "Realm of Light" so many times at the planetarium. They are so wonderful... both shows teach in their specific way beautiful things and values for a sustainable future and that´s why I think they are a great asset for learning and living together at school.„
Iris Brückner, Lehrerin in Hamburg


Available language versions: Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Russian, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (México), Swedish, Turkish

We provide dubbing in any language upon request!

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Theme Earth science , Education , Entertainment
Audience Pre-school, Children / Family, Adults
Producer Softmachine
Release October 2012
Running Time 32 min
Format flat 2D, flat 3D, fulldome 2D, fulldome 3D, VR, 4K
Audio 3D sound system, 5.1, stereo, AC3
Teacher's Guide teachers-guide-l2-web.pdf

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