Lichtmond – Universe of Light

LICHTMOND - Universe of Light

Lichtmond is an incredible journey through a parallel universe, where hovering trees, unknown species of animals and stunning landscapes come to life. Accompanied by magic sounds LICHTMOND unravels a truly new experience of a musical evening - a musical audiovisual trip.

LICHTMOND is a unique music show - a poetic audio- visual journey into space fantasy, suitable for all audiences. The show was produced by the Planetarium Hamburg in collaboration with Imago- D Studios (Spain) and blu phase media (Germany). They transformed the creative ideas and concepts of Giorgio, Martin, Suna and Gabi Koppehele, who also produced the music of the show. Several award winning internationally renowned artists like Alan Parsons (USA), Boy George (UK) and I Muvrini (France) joined the production.


Available language versions: English, German

We provide dubbing in any language upon request!


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Theme Music
Audience Children / Family, Adults
Producer Planetarium Hamburg, Imago- D studios, Blu phase media
Release 2013
Running Time 51 Min / 39 Min
Format 4K
Audio 7.1, 5.1, Stereo