Gravity Revealed

Gravity Revealed

This upcoming fulldome show wants to find out the true meaning of the mysterious force that is gravitation, exploring the most common theories (and their flaws) by famous characters like Aristotle, Galileo Galilei and Newton.

In the end, the secret of gravity was revealed to us by Albert Einstein in 1915. Einstein’s theory of general relativity showed us that gravity is not an attractive force mysteriously working over distance to draw objects together. Gravity is a natural result of distorting space time.

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Available language versions: English, Japanese

We provide dubbing in any language upon request!

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Theme Earth science , Education
Audience Children / Family, Adults
Producer Starlight Studios Japan
Release 2015
Running Time 25 mins
Format fulldome 2D, 4K
Audio 5.1, Stereo
Teacher's Guide Gravity_GuideBook.pdf

Festivals 2015: Jena Fulldome Festival,  IFSV