GALAKTOS – A Round through Milky Way

Galaktos - A Round through Milky Way

Eugène Milkman, an old robot, is a small but very strong man and he delivered milk for over 800 years for the company GALAKTOS through the whole galaxy.

He takes his new intern, Craig McIntosh, to ensure his training on a journey through the Milky Way: while the old lad remembers the adventures of his long life career, the young student discovers brilliant cosmic landscapes. From stars to nebulas, this amazing journey will bring them to even the darkest spots of the galaxy, the black holes.

This family friendly movie is a treat for the young adventurer who is interested in the mysteries of the galaxy as well as adults who appreciate astronomical topics.


Available language versions: Catalan, English, French, Korean, Portugues, Romanian, Russian, Spanish

We provide dubbing in any language upon request!


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Theme Astronomy , Education , Entertainment
Audience Pre-school, Children / Family
Producer Planetarium de Saint-Etienne
Release 2008
Running Time 25 min
Format fulldome 2D, 2K, 3K, 4K
Audio 5.1, mono, stereo