The Breath of Life

The Breath of Life

Life is a rare form of matter, discover more about its mysteries! The show begins with the origin of the first organic molecules and the DNA. Following the path of the evolution, audiences will learn more about the appearance of first cells, the first bacteria and the first protozoa, defining a variety of biology concepts like prokaryotes, eukaryotes, unicellular and multicellular beings. Following a virus being chased by a white blood cell, you will be taken into a journey inside a cell to meet the all cellular organelles. The audience will also experience the concept of tissues, organs and organic systems in order to grasp the magnificent power of life on Earth.

Available language versions: English, Portuguese

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Festivals 2015: 
Brno Fulldome Festival (Czech Republic)
Fiske Fulldome Festival (USA)

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Theme Education , Life science
Audience Children / Family, Adults
Production CineDome Brasil
Release January 2014
Running Time 35 min
Format fulldome 2D, 4K
Audio 5.1, stereo