Aurora: Lights of Wonder

Aurora: Lights of Wonder

The Aurora is the greatest wonder a human can experience in nature.
Now, you can experience the actual aurora with the world’s first 4K x 4K real-time VR video.
Animations and CG were used to depict auroral myths and science behind the aurora.

  - Auroras from the International Space Station
  - What is the aurora?
  - The secret behind auroral colors
  - Auroral mythology and the origin of its name
  - The best places to see an aurora
  - Various auroral shapes and auroral substorm
  - The latest scientific breakthroughs in auroral studies
  - Auroras on other planets

Available languages: English, Korean, Japanese, Sign language

We provide dubbing in any language upon request!

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Theme Astronomy , Earth science , Education
Audience General Audience, Children / Family, Adults
Producer HugMedia by Kwon O Chul
Release 2016
Running Time 30min, 25min
Format 4K, 30 fps